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My first impressions of Mindi from our first meeting was professional, accommodating, knowledgeable of realestate trends and regulations in our area.

Mindi took charge from the very start, listing, staging and marketing our town home making it the second most viewed property in the Pacific Beach area code (92109). Our town home was completely remodeled, modern flare with high end fixtures and appliances. So I had high expectations in our asking price, pushing the comps in our area to a new high. Mindi was able to sell our home within 60 days for just 10k under my lofty expectations. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute recommending Mindi to friends or family in helping them with their relestate needs. I will definitely use Mindi in our future realestate ventures.

Brennon Hope

Mindi worked diligently and professionally with us every step of the way, and we were completely satisfied upon the sale of our home.

She followed through with the other businesses that were contracted to work on our behalf so that all of the necessary repair and upgrade work was completed in a timely manner. Whatever we asked of her she completed without hesitation, and she mantained excellent communication with us. She negotiated a fair selling price for our home, and guided us through the selling process. This is the 2nd property that Mindi helped us sell, and I would definitely recommend her to others, without question.

Stacie Bresler

Trish and Mindi did a great job getting me into a home in Oceanside.

They were super easy to work with and a pleasure to meet at properties. The closing of escrow went smoothly. I highly recommend these gals to help buy or sell a home.

Max Wittenberg

Mindi is a real professional at her job.

Being first time home buyers she was on point with new home listings and ready to show them when we were available to see them including Football Sundays! She treated us like family and held our hand through the whole home buying experience from the day she found us the house to the day we closed escrow. She was prompt with answering any questions or concerns we had and kept us informed the whole way through.

Gabriel Rojas

Trish and Mindi took the time to get to know my husband and me while we were searching for a home in California.

They listened carefully to our preferences and scheduled viewings based on our likes and dislikes. As a first time home buyer they had no problem answering all of my questions and helping with any concerns that we had. We appreciated their professional yet friendly style. When we viewed properties, Trish and Mindi gave my husband and me ample time to privately explore and talk without pressure. They both genuinely wanted to get us into a home that would meet both our needs and our kids needs. When we were ready to make an offer on a property, Trish and Mindi were both skillful yet realistic negotiators. We are thrilled with the property we purchased which exceeded everything on our checklist and are grateful to both Trish and Mindi for leading us to it. We unequivocally recommend Trish and Mindi to buyers looking for their next property to purchase.

Michelle English

My husband and I recently closed escrow on a multi-unit property in the Talmadge area of San Diego.

Mindi was our agent for this purchase and because of the complexity of the transaction, we really relied on her to be our guide from start to finish. She walked through all of it with us, every step of the way. Even through the most stressful moments, it always felt like Mindi had our back. She is friendly, personable, professional, ethical, smart, well connected in the real estate community, resourceful, reliable and everything we needed in an agent.


We had a wonderful experience working with Mindi to sell our rental condo.

Mindi has a professional, honest and strong work ethic and works well with others. She goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy and that the selling process moves forward quickly. In addition, she has a number of resources at her fingertips, and referred us to a great handyman who made the necessary repairs to sell our property. The sale went smoothly and we were pleased with the selling price. We would definitely recommend Mindi to anyone interested in selling or purchasing a home.


I recently hired Trish to help me sell a property that was in a very tough market and not in the best location.

...picture the moon. Trish and her team went above and beyond to be sure that all the locals agents knew the highlights of the property and made sure someone was always available to help as needed. When we received a rather low ball offer, I was disappointed. However, next thing I know she was able to negotiate them up to a price I was very happy about. The transaction closed on time and rather smoothly (or at least she was able to make think it did ). This was not the first time Trish has helped me sell property and definitely won't be the last. Thanks Trish for making each sale or purchase an enjoyable experience.

Lauren Jantz

Trish and Mindi were so amazing when they helped us sell our house.

We were being transferred out of state and stressed by the entire process. But, their vast knowledge and team-playing work model helped the process go smooth and fast. We got the amount of money we wanted for our house, and were able to settle in in our new house! I recommend them both to family and friends looking to buy and sell.

Kathryn Di Meo

I have consulted regularly with Mindi.

She has never exerted pressured or has been unavailable. She is always looking out for our needs and is an expert in her field. Her heart is always in the right place. She is a true professional!


I've know Mindi Shapiro for quite some time.

I've also had the pleasure of knowing her parents. Her professionalism, good manners & knowledge in her work field is a tribute to the great job her parents did in raising her. I would recommend Mindi to all my friends and family in these matters as she has been by far the best I have dealt with when it comes to the issue at hand. A good hearted honest person goes along way in dealing with people so kudos to Mindi for a job well done in taking care of my family during our business together.


Mindi is AMAZING!

In the short time that I've been working with her I'm already going into escrow! She had been on top of everything and I feel her sincerity when she tells me she wants the best for me. Mindi is extremely pleasant to work with and I would recommend her in a heartbeat! MINDI ESTRADA- A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!


I would not be sitting in my house right now if it weren't for Trish.

I discovered her and her and her partner Mindi when they were selling a house I was interested in. That house had already sold, but I really appreciated how they talked to me like a friend, giving honest advice and answering my (as a first-time home buyer, probably dumb) questions. When we went to go tour houses, Trish quickly got an idea of my style, and actually found the house I ended up buying by talking to a neighbor near a different house we were looking at. It wasn't even on the market yet; I never would have found it without her friendliness and professional know-how. The process of buying the house took longer than expected, and she never once complained or brushed me off when she had to make many trips, phone calls, and emails. She always made me feel supported, but would tell me honestly about possible negative outcomes, too. Trish and her team deserve far more than they probably got for the incredible hard work they put in for me. I could not recommend them more.

Nicoles Piper

Trish was recommended to me and I can honestly say that I could not have had a better agent.

She listens to what you want and then goes after it. San Diego can be a challenging market to find the place you want-that is where Trish comes in. She is extremely knowlegable, energetic, fearless, and positive. But, her superhero attribute is her tenancity. She doesn't give up! I highly recommend Trish Yelenosky Price.


We were an out-of-state buyer so it was hard for us to preview homes.

She did all the traveling and took videos for us. At the beginning we were not sure what we were looking for. We were checking out random properties in different localities. She toured us around and gave us a background of the various neighborhoods. She was very hands-on and was not afraid to get her hands dirty. She submitted multiple offers for us and was very PATIENT throughout the process. One quality that drew us most to Mindi was her RESPONSIVEness. Even if she can’t get back to you, she’d shoot you a quick text/email to let you know she’s busy. Mindi’s HARDWORKING and despite being a mom she works late nights and prepares documents for Docusign which we felt was beyond impressive. The true test of any buyers agent is “after-support”. Once you’re in contract most agents tend to get pushy. Mindi stands by you all along, watches YOUR BEST INTERESTS. She helped us steer clear of some overpriced properties. It was an overall PLEASANT experience working with Mindi. Mindi’s now our friend, a really nice person and a great agent!

Adriana Saxena

Trish is amazing.

she understands real estate really well and is easy to work with and she gets the job done. she is very good at finding you what you are looking for.


Trish is the real estate agent everyone should have.

She is so easy and comfortable to talk to - I feel like she is a sister to us. She is very knowledgeable about values, timing, forecasts, trends, and execution, among her many attributes. She provided us with superb preparation guidelines and suggestions in the sale of our home. We will use her as our agent for all future real estate business.


A few years ago I needed a property manager and Mindi Estrada was able to refer someone for me.

Even though she did not make a single penny from this transaction, she took time out of her schedule several times to find the perfect one for my fit along with referrals for the property manager. That meant a lot to me!! I have tried asking other realtors and they did not give me the time of day. Mindi is AWESOME!!!


Mindi not only will find you a property (or sell your property), but she knows the paperwork backwards and forward which makes for a very fluid transaction.

She is excellent!


Trish and Mindi did a great job of helping me sell my house, including getting more than the asking price (and more than Zillow's estimated value!

!) Having bought and sold a couple of homes in the past, I appreciated their dedication to me, as well as my home. :) There was one little glitch with the paperwork, but it was quickly sorted out (missed by realtors of both parties, not just Trish and Mindi). Other than that, everything was excellent! :)


Mindi was amazing during the sale of my house.

She was extremely understanding of my current situation and helpful. She held my hand through the whole process and was very tolerant of all my chaos. She explained things in ways I could understand. She was very professional, positive, knowledgeable, caring, honest, and easy to talk to. She goes above and beyond her duties and is very fair which is rare to find these days. She is easy to get a hold of and returns calls quickly. If for some reason she does not know an answer off the top of her head, she makes sure to research it or find it before she just gives an answer. I will always recommend Mindi because she genuinely cares and makes each client feel important.

Julianne Matula

Trish & Mindi were excellent to work with!

We hired them because we were being transferred out of state this summer. We wanted to sell our home in the spring so we wouldn't have the stress of trying to sell it so close to our move date. Not only did we get several offers the first week it was listed, every offer allowed us to rent back the home until our transfer date. Our house was listed and closed in exactly one month! Trish & Mindi are easy to communicate with and work hard to make sure you're happy. They're both very professional, but also down to earth and extremely easy to work with. They were always available to answer the many questions we had. I have worked with other realtors in the past, and I truly believe Trish & Mindi are the best!


Mindi is an amazing realtor who helped my family relocate from Long Beach, New York to Sunny San Diego.

She listened carefully to what the house must have and which area we preferred. Mindi was able to find exactly what we were looking for and stayed within our budget. She went above and beyond to make sure we were settled and happy with our home. Mindi proved o be a kind, considerate person as well as a realtor. We have recommended her to family and friends who have had the same experience we had.


We sold our home and purchased a new home with expert assistance from Trish and Mindi about 2 years ago.

I met Trish at an open house she was hosting and I immediately loved her calm and easy going presence. It took us about a year from that point to be ready to buy. Trish and Mindi were both patient and kind throughout the numerous houses we perused. They gave expert advice and would see things about homes that I was blind to. They helped us slow down and really wait until we found the perfect home for us. When we finally found our home they helped guide us through the whole process. They were always available to us and answered any questions or concerns we had in a timely manner. But this is where I feel the service goes above and beyond...It's been almost two years since we moved in and they are still available and ready and willing to help me with any questions or issues that come up about the house, property, paperwork, you name it. I feel like I've made a lifetime partner for real estate and I highly recommend them to my friends and family. We would certainly work with them again, if the circumstances arose.

Bendy Star

My father recently passed away.

I live clear across the country. I needed to sell his home as quickly as possible to settle his estate. Trish was there at every turn. She always returned my calls promptly and she never let one detail go unattended. She was professional, knowledgeable and personable. When the home needed repair work, Trish knew just where to turn to get the job done at a competitive price. She stayed on top of the contractors and managed every phase. We closed on the sale in record time. I would hire Trish in a heart beat for any realty transaction I have.


Mindi was incredibly helpful and thorough for our entire process.

This was our first time buying a property and she was always available to answer any questions we had or guide us through the steps. I can't recommend her enough! She is AWESOME!

Bob Bermingham

Mindi Shapiro Estrada was referred to us by our Albuquerque realtor.

We only had a morning to view properties in the San Diego area and Mindi put aside the day just to take care of us. Once we specified our goals, price range and area she immediately set up appointments and took us to view the properties. We found our perfect home. We returned to Albuquerque knowing that we could trust Mindi to be our "man on the ground". She took care of everything, from negotiations, signing electronically, chasing up the seller, escrow company and answering our calls from out of state. We closed escrow three weeks later. Thank you Mindi.


We had such a wonderful experience with Trish as our realtor.

She was knowledgeable, accessible, and most of all patient. We looked at so many houses and she never tired in searching and making time for us to look at more. Once we found our new home, thats when she shined the most. she walked us through each step and answered all of our questions and concerns. Thank You Trish, you didn't help us by a house. You connected us with our Home


Great realtor team.

They got me an incredible place in a crazy market. I highly recommend them!

Jay Bachrad

Tricia helped my husband and I buy home in 2015.

She was amazing from start to finish. When we first even thought about it she was more than happy to chat with me and answer all of my questions. We didn't even start looking for another 6 months. Once the search was on she was there every step of the way and gave us great advice on what type of house she thought would or wouldn't work for our family. Once we had our hearts on a place, she was on it! Checking in with us regularly and letting us know where we were in the process. Even now if I have a question about something she is quick to call or text me back. We just love her and if/when we decide to sell and buy again she will be my first call! She is a great realtor and more importantly a good and honest person!

Amanda McCord

Mindi was extremely helpful and knowledgeable for the property and my needs.

She took the time to understand what I needed and found the right place for me.


We had the pleasure of being referred to Mindi by our daughter and son in law.

they used Mindi in the purchase of their new home. Mindi was so helpful and enjoyable to deal with in the sale of one of our homes. She is not only very professional and friendly, but very knowledable and organized. She takes the time to listen to you and and was very helpful in developing strategies for marketing and exposure for the sale. It was so nice working with someone whom really loves what they do it really showed. We thank Mindi for all of her help with the sale and the entire process. We appreiciate her help and have gained a new friend in the process. She stayed connected to the process the enrire and was able to change the marketing strategy when needed to try a different approach. We will absolutley use Mindi on our next one. Thank you Mindi

mark daggett9

Trish and Mindi offered great advice about preparing my house for sale.

I got more than the listing price as a result. Plus my house was only on the market 4 days. I recommend Trish and Mindi without hesitation. They were great to work with!

Rebecca Kim

For an older person with poor P.

C. ability, Trish walked me through the mountain of paperwork and e. signing with patience and understanding. She coordinated the other companies involved to make for great sale, Thank you Trish.

Arthur Smith

Mindi is a great realtor who helped us for an entire year to find just the right place!

Now we are in the place of our dreams due to Mindi. Thanks Mindi!


We highly recommend Mindy for all your real estate needs.

I am extremely picky when it comes to agents,and I am a demanding client.In today's market you have to be quick and efficient or someone else will grab the property right our from under you.With Mindy's help we were the first to view the property we wanted and nailed it down with a well thought out offer.As I write this review I am relaxing in the living room of our new home!Thanks Mindy,you're the best.Sincerely,Chuck and Debra Russell.

Charles Russell

Trish and Mindi make an excellent team.

They helped us find the perfect house (it took us a year, and they never rushed us) they gave us honest professional opinions about homes we viewed and helped us through every step in the process. They continued to be responsive and helpful after we closed and moved in, always answering questions with kindness and patience. I would refer them to my Mom in a heartbeat.

Wendy Kwasny

Trish and Mindi are absolutely amazing!

They have exceptional professionalism and extensive experience in real estate. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns in a reasonable time frame. In addition, they are problem solvers. I always felt comfortable seeking advice from them during the process of selling my home. Anyone would be lucky to work with this “dream team!”

Colleen Keefe

Trish and Mindi were with us in the home buying process from start to finish.

Their attention to detail, knowledge of the market, and advice on lending options were invaluable. They also provided excellent counsel when we needed to make a decision on either continuing with a short sale or pursuing an offer on a different house that came unepxectedly back on market. Both Trish and Mindi are amazing people to have on your team and became friends to us.

Matthew Brasher

Mindi was great!

!! She helped us get pre-approved then find the perfect starter home. She was knowledgeable about the market and the neighborhood we wanted to live in. Mindi willing spent many afternoons & weekends showing us different homes in our price range and preferred neighborhood. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home.


Mindi contacted me within 1 hour after I requested information on a home here on zillow.

She immediately set me up with a personalized website showing homes that met my husband and I's criteria! She had homes set up for us to see the next day!! She is great to work with, has alot of knowledge about real estate and areas and especially short sales. Being first time homebuyers, she knew everything to look out for when buying a new home and this to us was indespensible! She also put me in touch with a great loan processor! She has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met and genuinely cares about her clients. She always worked around my husband and I's schedule and was there to answer questions whenever I needed them! I highly recommend Mindi to any buying a home in the area!!

Christina Rodriguez

Mindi was a dream-come-true realtor.

She happened upon the house I eventually bought before it hit the market. We were the first offer. She provided fast, strong knowledge in every aspect of the process. I felt like she was my advocate and pretty much got me everything I wanted.

Jaclyn Shook

Trish is great to work with.

She's very skilled, flexible and patient, which was good when working with anxious sellers like we were! The bottom line is that we got the price we wanted for our house and she sold it quickly. I highly recommend working with her.

Peter Lawson

Mindi and Trish did so much more than I expected.

We were out of state buyers and we never told that they were too busy to check on our questions. They never made us feel uncomfortable with the many questions that we had. It took a long time to find what we wanted but they never appeared frustrated with us. Thank you Mindi and Trish!

Allen Bachrad

Trish and Mindi sold my house in Tierrasanta in 3 days and over asking price, way over.

This exceeded all my expectations by far! They spent time and made very specific recommendations about preparing the house for market including having it professionally staged. All their ideas made sense and I agreed to all minor changes. Ultimately it was the synergy with Trish and Mindi that made this process fun and successful. After the sale several neighbors called to thank me for helping to drive their property values. If you want to get top dollar for your home, consider hiring Trish and Mindi, they will exceed your expectations.

Rebecca Kim

Mindi was extremely professional and a delight to work with.

I purchased a home in the past and my experience with my realtor was less than great. Needless to say, I was very hesitant when dealing with another realtor. Mindi put my fears to rest very quickly and I ended up finding and purchasing the perfect home to raise my 2 children. I would highly recommend Mindi, and have, to any of my acquaintances.


No agent I have ever dealt with in my life was as helpful and understanding of the business as Mindi.

thank you so much.She found a house for us which was exactly what we needed. She was in constant contact with us throughout the experience which is often very nervewrecking otherwise..


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